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TCI Playing Regulations 2020/21

The 2020/21 Playing Regulations for the TCI can be accessed on the below link.

These Playing Regulations & Conditions are what teams and players are required to abide by to compete in the Toowoomba Cricket Inc. competitions.

2020 21 TCI Playing Rules

Main points:

  1. Helmets & Point rules remain the same as last season.
  2. All Clubs must ensure all players comply with any direction of the TCI Board and Covid Safety Plan [rule 13.4].
  3. Kookaburra balls are to be used however, pursuant to rule 29.2, the TCI Board hereby allows teams to use their remaining Platypus stock in either Reserve or C grade in one day games only [rule 29].
  4. AMENDED RULE – If a team falls more than 1 week behind in umpire of the year points, Fr Graham votes or 321 votes, they will not accrue points in the competition until this is remedied [rule 34.4].
  5. AMENDED RULE – In the last hour of play, there are minimum overs to be bowled no matter how many overs a team is in front of the over rate [rule 45.2]. Please note, at a minimum, 75 overs are still to be bowled each day.

2019-20 HMS Competition Playing Conditions – Go to the Harding Madsen Page

Davis and Mitchell Shields – Playing Conditions 2020/21

Mitchell and Davis Shield Rules 20-21 v0 1