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Cricket Australia have partnered with InteractSport to provide a national cricket management program, MyCricket.Weetbix MyCricket

MyCricket gives community cricket the opportunity to manage players, competitions and statistics. MyCricket has been well supported by all States and Territories in its first year of operation, with every corner of Australia accessing MyCricket in some form.MyCricket also delivers integration with MILO in2CRICKET participant and centre management, registration through the National Club Risk Protection Program (NCRPP) and also enables a national Club and Centre Locator, which allows anyone to find their nearest Cricket group and grab their contact details, simply by entering a Postcode. Clubs can enter in details of all games and results, while also managing player registrations.

Toowoomba Cricket use MyCricket to manage the competitions and statistics.  Some historical records are also available.

Competition statistics

Individual statistics

Using MyCricket

If you would like more information on using MyCricket, please Contact Toowoomba Cricket.


Help using MyCricket

MyCricket have released a help file to assist you with entering Teams, Results and Scores into the system.

Open the MyCricket Teams, Results and Scores Help File (please note this is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation – if it does not open please contact Toowoomba Cricket for more information.