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Umpire Report Form

Captains of each senior side with an official umpire at the game are required to complete this form and submit to Toowoomba Cricket Umpires at the end of each match. Complete all questions and then press the send button which will automatically send the form to Russell Riggall from the TCUA.
Where there is insufficient room to write details of any events, then complete this form and submit a separate document to: Russell Riggall

Match Between             Versus           Grade      

Game Format         

Umpire's Name:      (Please use sentence case, e.g. John Citizen)


Q1. How many appeals were directed to the Umpire ?   0 - 10   11 - 20   21 or more

Q2. How many appeals could have gone the other way?         

*Q3. Do you believe possible errors were made? YesNo          If YES, please place details in Section Q10

*Q4. How many possible errors were made?

          LBW       Caught by Fielder     Caught by Keeper     Run Out     Stumpings

          Wides     No Balls                     Hit Wicket               Other      

Q5. Did the Umpire display good composure and communication throughout the Match?

           YesMost of the TimeSometimesNo

         Present your view of any issues that occurred in this area:

Q6. Did the Umpire show good control and match management skills?

           YesMost of the timeSometimesNo

         Present your view of any issues that occurred in this area:

Q7. What did the Umpire do well:


Q8. What areas do you consider need improvement?:


Q9. Overall Rating for the Umpire

      0 - 2 (very poor)3 - 45 - 6 (average)7 - 89 - 10 (excellent)

*Q10. Please provide additional information below relating to *Q3 & *Q4 above:



Captain's Name:         (Please use sentence case, e.g John Citizen)    

Club:                            (Club entering this report)       Date:    Date must be in correct format

Contact Number:         (For the TCUA selectors to use if they wish to discuss your feedback)