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Use of Social Media

There are requirements of all participants in our game (Players, Officials,Umpires and supporters) in relation to the use of all electronic media (ie; Facebook, Twitter). Please be aware of your responsibilities as participants to conduct yourselves in a fitting manner when using social media.  It is each person’s responsibility to not post anything on Club Sites, Personal Accounts or Shared Accounts that may in any way:-

“Denigrate or criticize any Player, Official, Team, Cricket Australia, Qld Cricket, Zone, Affiliate or any Commercial Partner of Cricket Australia, Qld Cricket or the respective Grade Clubs”.

Social media (ie Facebook) is a tremendous communication tool for Clubs when used appropriately, it provides an important avenue for the flow of information regarding fixtures, teams, Club events, support & promotion of sponsors etc

From time to time there has been some inappropriate “chatter” on social media.

Anything that is considered offensive to any person or persons for any reason “should not be posted”.

It’s up to each Club to monitor the situation and advise their members of the guidelines and requirements – any offensive comments are to be removed immediately.

We draw your attention to the Code of Behaviour, section (5):

“Players and officials must not indulge in conduct detrimental to the game”

Your attention is also drawn to sections (4), “…conduct detrimental to the spirit of the game…” and (7) “…racial and religious vilification code…” of the “Code of Behaviour”

All social media is monitored (including “closed” groups on Facebook), offensive posts will be handled through the normal Breach of “Code of Behaviour” Report process If you have any doubts as to whether your post will offend – don’t take the chance – DO NOT POST IT

Sport is competitive by nature, and at times can be frustrating, but we need to remember that people participate in our game at all levels and capacity for enjoyment, if the game is to continue to attract participants it’s up to everyone involved to make sure that a few don’t take away the enjoyment of many

The TCI Competition Committee will be drafting a direct Socila Media policy for inclusion in our Playing Conditions, but beware that penalties and/or sanctions could be applied under current Codes of Behaviour

Thankyou for your support and cooperation


Angus Rathie

President – Toowoomba Cricket