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Junior Games and Results for 2021/22

Draw to be published soon.


Tobacco Rules
As you may be aware the Queensland Government recently introduced legislation to ban smoking within 10 metres of viewing and playing areas at organised under-18 sporting events. The ban also applies during training and at any intervals or breaks in play.
The coverage of the ban includes the sporting ground or playing area, the viewing area for a water sport, public seating at the grounds and any other area reserved for use by the competitors and the officials. This also includes a 10 metre non-smoking buffer zone from all of these locations.


Playing Condition – Helmets
It is mandatory for junior cricketers (those under 18 years of age) to wear helmets at all times when wicket-keeping up to the stumps or batting, including when they are playing senior cricket.


– Parents/guardians, coaches and team officials need to ensure that this playing condition is adhered to.
– This includes when junior batters are facing slow bowling.
– Association administrators, club coaches, team managers, parents and other volunteers are also encouraged to consider the use of helmets for junior wicket-keepers ‘standing-back’ if there are concerns
about the skill level of the wicket-keeper, bowlers and fielders.
– Cricket Australia strongly recommends that all senior cricketers wear a helmet when batting, wicket-keeping or fielding in close (or in a zero reaction time position). In elite cricket a zero reaction time
position is considered any position within 7 metres of the batter except any position behind square on the off side – therefore if fielding at silly mid-off or short-leg it is recommended that you
wear a 
helmet, whereas helmets may not be necessary if fielding at gully or (regulation) slip to a spinner.
– At the commencement of the 2019-2020 cricket season, all community cricketers (whether junior or senior) will be required to wear British Standard BS7928:2013 compliant helmets at all times
when batting, wicket keeping up to the stumps and fielding in close. More guidance will be provided in due course. A list of helmets suitable for Men’s, Women’s and junior cricket is maintained and
regularly updated at
– Cricket Australia provides further information on junior format requirements relating to restrictions on fielding in close in their playing policies and guidelines.
– Cricket Australia provides further information on recommended protective gear for Umpires in their playing policies and guidelines.
– For further information on Cricket Australia’s playing policies and guidelines see