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About Senior Cricket

Senior cricket is played from October through to March/April. It is played on Saturday afternoons with the occasional Saturday/Sunday games. A small break is held over the Christmas New Year period.

Senior Cricket is played in A, Reserve, B, C and D grades.
The games played are 2 day, 1 day games and T20 (for A Grade)

You will be able to check if the games are on due to wet weather by checking the Wet Weather link

Want to join a Seniors Cricket Club?

Senior players can join whatever Club they wish, however it may be best to join a Club close to where you live (just for accessing the training). See the Clubs training locations, days and times of their training.
Once you have decided on a Club that you would like to join, View xthat Club’s contact details. (Possibly their Registrar or Secretary)
Depending on the vacancies available, it may be necessary to contact a couple of Clubs.

Looking for your Next fixture?

See the Senior Fixtures Page for a full list of all the fixtures available for your grade

How to submit Father Graham and A Grade Player of the year votes

Toowoomba Cricket has implemented an automated system to register Father Graham award votes, and A Grade Player of the year (3:2:1) votes. This replaces the paper forms used in the past.
Request a login to

Looking for Results and Statistics?

Toowoomba Cricket Inc has agreed to use MyCricket as the official program for capturing players registrations and entering the results of the competition.
All statistics can be viewed by using MyCricket.

Visit MyCricket, or read how to use MyCricket.

Where’s my ground?

Go to the grounds page for a list of TCI-recognised grounds. This contains pictures of the grounds, and also a map of where the ground is.

TCI Playing Regulations

View the TCI Rules and Regulations of the current playing season.


View the latest copies of the forms used in Toowoomba Cricket.

Need to find a Club Contact?

See our Club Contacts page